By Way of Introduction

Firstly thank you very much for stopping by our little corner of the Internet. It is very kind of you to spend a few minutes here.

I’ll keep it brief- this is all about craft spirits here. What’s happening right now, who’s developing what, who are the guys behind the stills are and how they are doing it.

There may be comments on the big boys from time to time, there maybe the odd foray into beer, there may be a meander into wines but always with a view to what it means for craft sector.

In terms of defining craft there won’t be a push on a hard and fast definition- a starting point is probably single sites, not corporately owned and trying to innovate.

In terms of geography it’ll be UK and Scottish focused but with an eye out for worldwide whiskies, vodkas and anything of note.

Caskmaster won’t dictate- interaction is a really good thing and knowing what you like, are into or want to see more of is really great.

Lastly what makes us want to do this: a belief in innovation, a desire to see the sector flourish and a real wish to provide a great forum for this exciting area.

Exciting times