The Lakes Distillery- Tastings

We tried three of the products from The Lakes Distillery in Cumbria. These were The One- blended whisky, The Lakes Vodka and the Lakes Gin.

First up was the vodka. The product comes in at 40% abv and it was tried both neat and with the addition of water. The product is absolutely crystal clear. On the nose I got both a slight violet and volatile note but overall it’s pretty clean. On the palate there are tastes of some cereal notes although of a more baked variety. The mouthfeel quality is clean and it finishes well. The alcohol is exceptionally well integrated and there is no burn to it- overall a very good example.

The next up was the Lakes Gin and this was tried with Fever Tree tonic.  There are a number of the botanicals that are sourced locally and these are expressed really well in the final product. The gin kicks in at a slightly higher abv of 43.7% and this also helps to give rise to a greater expression of flavour. On the nose the gin is a very vibrant citrus array with lemon, lemongrass and juniper to the fore with the slightly more herby and floral characters still there.  On the palate the flavours of juniper becomes more prevalent before giving way to the citrus club and again the heather and floral notes coming on behind. There is a slight viscosity and mouthfeel to the gin and yet the finish is still clear and lemony. A gin very much done in the classic style.

Lastly The One- a blended whisky using whiskies from around the Uk and Ireland. The nose of this is quite exciting. There is a gorgeous light smoked with toast, vanilla and cereal notes. On the palate there is a definite sweetness. It’s complimented by some lovely dried fruit and nutty notes- some orange and dried apricot coming through as well as the vanilla- lurking at the back there are some spice notes. It’s again very well integrated and has a clean finish. An innovative concept that has been well executed.


NB.- Samples supplied with thanks by The Lakes.

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