I love to be in America – Bound for Bourbon Country

I’m lucky enough to have visited the US on several occasions  and have loved it every time. From New York, to Seattle, to LA, to Florida and a fair amount in between the country is fun, interesting and really does do things bigger.

The scale of operations in the US was brought home to me on my first ever visit there. I was part of a small team to visit St Louis on a work trip with Anheuser-Busch, looking at a bit of kit we were to be installing. When we asked about what happens when you shut the machinery down we were told that they simply didn’t need to do that as their production schedule was so full – they made as much beer in a day as we made in a week.

So onto the craft distilling scene and it looks so vibrant. Different producers, wonderful looking cereal combinations, interesting products- some reverential some out there. I have visits lined up for most of the week and to say I’m excited is a massive understatement. I’m really grateful to those that have agreed to see me and I’m going to pile in some more visits on top of those arranged. States I’ve never been to, things I’ve not seen first hand and new experiences are always good.

The passport is out, the hotels are booked, the tastebuds are ready- bring it on USA – lets see what you’ve got.

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