Nelson’s Green Brier- Tasting Notes

I’m going to focus in on a couple of the Nelson’s products as I hope this shows a bit of both the classic and the innovative side of their products.

Nelson’s Belle Meade Classic Bourbon 45.2% abv

First up is Nelson’s Belle Meade Classic Bourbon. This is a blend of just four barrels per batch and is characterised by a pretty high (30%) portion of rye in the mash bill. It is also made from 2 yeast strains working in tandem and is matured for 6-8 years.


There is gorgeous darker caramel shade to the bourbon- a strong golden hue coming through visually.


Wow- a wonderful strong hit of sweet vanilla, caramel and syrup. There is a touch of orange and burnt orange in the background.


The caramel and vanilla persist wonderfully onto the palate giving a strong base to the whiskey. Then the rye takes over providing a fantastic touch of heat and spice. Cinnamon and pepper are present in a lovely complimentary offset to the sweetness.


Quite a long finish with the orange citrus note back alongside the sweet and spice.

Well balanced bourbon, full of strong character points and gives great interest.

Availability- Check

for states in which it’s distributed.


Nelson’s First 108 Tennessee Whiskey Limited Release 45% abv

Distilled using the Lincoln County process (filtering through sugar maple charcoal) and commemorating 108 yrs since production ceased at Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery this limited release is a glimpse into what the guys are trying to create for the future. To assist with aging smaller casks are used initially before a final finishing in the more standard 53 gallon cask and then bottling at 45% abv or 90 proof.


Good looking whiskey for it’s age. Darker than I’d expect and a nice amber note to it.


Vanilla and caramel are present but not in any overpowering way. Demerara sugar notes are there alongside cinnamon.


Again a good base of brown sugar and vanilla alongside a slight toffee popcorn on which cinnamon and pepper notes are built on.


Slightly alcoholic burn on the finish but showing really good potential.


Availability- from the distillery- get yourself to Nashville!



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