Bardstown Bourbon Company- Collabor&tion Mistelle Finish Tasting

Bardstown Bourbon Company (BBCo) teamed up with their friends over at Copper and Kings to create a couple of great products and highlight the benefits of drawing on each other’s strengths. I guess it really shows what the BBCo approach is all about.

Collabor&tion starts with 10 yr old straight bourbon that has been specifically selected and then finished over a further two years in a couple of ways. Steve Nally, BBCo Master Distiller oversaw the mingling of the bourbon with Brandon O’Daniel at C&K overseeing the maturation.

One variant is completed in C&K brandy barrels and the other, that I am focusing on here, is matured in Muscat Mistelle casks.

Muscat Mistelle casks are barrels that have held Muscat grape juice before having an un-aged brandy added to them (Musact eau-de-vie). The barrels unsurprisingly contain quite a high proportion of sugars and therefore provide a really interesting starting point for finishing.

Collabor&tion Muscat Mistelle Finish 47% abv

First things first, the bottle is very impressive although not really designed for export as it’s fairly weighty. It gives the appearance of a luxury perfume bottle and that is backed up by the product inside.


Dark, dark, caramel with a beautiful russet tone to it. It plays in light but contains an almost hazelnut colour that moves to a lovely orange hued tinge as the liquid thins. Gorgeous long legs persist.


Wonderful candy shop aroma I found dominated by vanilla. As more of a background aroma I had some orange peel notes that gave way to a cinnamon and some soft spice.


Vanilla is the first thing to hit you carrying through from the nose. The fruit is there mid palette with the orange more rounded in character, moving from orange peel on the nose to marmalade on taste, and joined by a slight tropical note. Then the spice is delivered with cinnamon and a touch of pepper on the finish.


Good long finish- great over ice on a summer evening. Would work really well with banana muffin or maybe even Crepe Suzette.

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