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Jeptha Creed- An All American Distillery

Meeting up with Joyce Nethery at Jeptha Creed Distillery there’s one word that comes to mind and that is warmth. We walked around the facility here and there is a real sense of what they, as a family, are trying to build, with a field to bottle ethos running through what they do. Joyce exudes […]

Peerless Distilling- Living up to it’s name

Louisville is famous for a number of things, Mohammad Ali, the Louisville Slugger baseball bat and as a centre of the Bourbon industry. Peerless Distilling is little more than a home run hit away from the Louisville Slugger factory and is certainly one of the new kids on the block, well kind of. Peerless actually […]

Nelson’s Green Brier- Tasting Notes

I’m going to focus in on a couple of the Nelson’s products as I hope this shows a bit of both the classic and the innovative side of their products. Nelson’s Belle Meade Classic Bourbon 45.2% abv First up is Nelson’s Belle Meade Classic Bourbon. This is a blend of just four barrels per batch […]

Nelson’s Green Brier- Accidentally Reinventing a Distillery

It’s not everyday that you nip out to the butchers and come back with a distillery but in shorthand that’s what happened to Charlie and Andy Nelson. The story begins generations ago, around 1820, with the family relocating from Hagenow in Germany to America. John Philip Nelson had sold his candle and soap business and […]

American Whiskey Terms- A Glossary

The history of classifying whisky in America is long and difficult. From those that used to make all sorts of additions to the product, to a government that was interested in its tax revenue, to middlemen and distillers fighting for control of the market, to rebellions and funding of wars- the many and varied interests […]